Zephyr Aviation is a small private limited company formed in 2006 by the 3 owner directors who are all professionally qualified to degree level in their relevant fields.

Its ethos is to furnish competent solutions in a wide range of aviation operations including passenger charter operations, transport of freight / dangerous goods, short notice medical / stretcher flights, aircraft management and corporate hospitality. We also have significant experience in the field of airshow flying and sport aviation.


Zephyr Aviation holds an EASA AOC with Part M approval. We also have ATO status and conduct in-house training and examining for all activities. These capabilities can be provided to 3rd parties in bespoke packages.

Our activities are supported and achieved through the engagement of mature, experienced personnel both on the ground and in the air.


The aircrew executives of Zephyr Aviation have combined 50,000 hrs of flight experience including significant heavy commercial jet experience, significant military fast jet experience combined with equally significant experience in the operation of smaller general aviation charter type aircraft. This experience has been gained during 80 years exposure to the industry ensuring that the management of your service is overseen by mature professionals.

Zephyr ground/engineering executives are all professionally qualified engineers which promotes streamlined and thorough operational protocols - this translates into competent aviation based solutions to your logistical requirements. 

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Timing is always tight at our international meetings with Renault in Paris, especially when you have to make the return trip in a day. The real luxury of your charter operation is the ability to arrive at the departure point and take off pretty much straight away, without hours of hanging around. After the meeting you leave when it suits you, not an airline schedule. And without the stress of a frantic taxi ride across town.

Jonathan Wignall

Automotive Marketing Consultant, Paris & London.

– Jonathan Wignall