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Zephyr Aviation has in-house TRI/TREs on the Beech 90/100/200 series and are able to offer training and examining, using your aircraft or ours, for the following :

• Base training following type rating courses conducted in a Flight Simulator
• Renewal / revalidation of Kingair LPCs and IRs
• All aspects of Kingair training/examining to support Kingair Commercial Air Transport flying
• Garmin 1000 training

• PRNAV / GPS approaches
• Commercially orientated upset training
• Private owner experience building
• Experienced Kingair crew to support your own operations

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements


Case Studies Satallite

Thanks for a superb flight over to Le Mans last week. You guys and the aeroplane were fantastic - our customers felt in good hands and enjoyed the trip immensely.

Jeremy Scoones

Head of Partnerships, Aston Martin Racing Ltd

– Jeremy Scoones