Time critical AOG & freight

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24 / 7 / 365 FREIGHT FLYING

Our ability to launch 24/7 from Chalgrove is complimented by in-house engineering which facilitates aircraft re-roles to freight fit 24/7 and at short notice. 

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Zephyr Aviation hold Dangerous Goods, and Munitions of War approvals and Chalgrove is a designated site for the loading/unloading of explosives.

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air displays

We can depart from our Chalgrove base within 90 minutes of confirmation of task and freight/AOG spares may be road transported and lifted from Chalgrove 24/7 as opposed to the aircraft positioning to collect freight.

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Case Studies Satallite

Taking our photographer, models, camera equipment and client all the way to Normandy and back with you saved us at least two days of travel, hassle and, rather importantly, several thousand pounds in hotels and day rates. In future, the only way is up…with Zephyr.

Mike Cavers

Executive Creative Director, The Chemistry Group, London

– Mike Cavers