Time critical AOG & freight

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24 / 7 / 365 FREIGHT FLYING

Our ability to launch 24/7 from Chalgrove is complimented by in-house engineering which facilitates aircraft re-roles to freight fit 24/7 and at short notice. 

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Zephyr Aviation hold Dangerous Goods, and Munitions of War approvals and Chalgrove is a designated site for the loading/unloading of explosives.

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air displays

We can depart from our Chalgrove base within 90 minutes of confirmation of task and freight/AOG spares may be road transported and lifted from Chalgrove 24/7 as opposed to the aircraft positioning to collect freight.

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Case Studies Satallite

Air to air photography is all about precision & planning. Having a Kingair with the necessary performance for high-altitude, close formation filming is one thing. Having the piloting skills is quite another…. all of which makes having an ex-RAF QWI/QFI at the controls rather reassuring for a mere movie/stills cameraman like me.

Simon Werry 

Flying Cameras Ltd

– Simon Werry