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Short notice medical flights

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24 hr, 365 days

24 / 7 / 365 MEDICAL FLYING

Zephyr is able to support all forms of medical flying. Just 35 miles northwest of central London on the M40 corridor, we are able to depart within 90 minutes from receipt of task day or night.

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Zephyr has significant experience of short notice flying in support of transplant operations whether with unaccompanied organs or teams of surgeons.

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Zephyr operate the B200 Kingair in the stretcher role and favour working with medical companies whose medical expertise blends with our aviation expertise to provide effective solutions to medical repatriation requirements.

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Case Studies Satallite

Air to air photography is all about precision & planning. Having a Kingair with the necessary performance for high-altitude, close formation filming is one thing. Having the piloting skills is quite another…. all of which makes having an ex-RAF QWI/QFI at the controls rather reassuring for a mere movie/stills cameraman like me.

Simon Werry 

Flying Cameras Ltd

– Simon Werry